Review: Elk Cove Inn (Part 2) by Hairy Putter

7 08 2013

The Elk Cove Inn’s Wave Watch Suite is pet luxury
on the Mendocino Coast redefined.

 Attention pampered pooches and those that desire to be! Pet lodging on the Mendocino Coast just got a lot more luxurious. The romantic and super friendly Elk Cove Inn has just raised the bar on Pet Friendly lodging with the opening of the Wave Watch Ocean Suite, and I recently got to experience a stay so I could bring you a first paw account.


Hoppy and I enjoying the sun, beach, and quiet times

 It wasn’t so long ago that Elaine, the owner of Elk Cove Inn, invited me to christen the inn’s first pet friendly accommodation, the Hideaway. Well, I must be doing a hell of a job because a couple of months later I was invited back to give my expert opinion on an additional pet friendly suite. My fur-pawed brethren, what a treat you are in for (and the uprights, too, of course). For this stay I also had the company of Hoppy, and as you can tell from some of the pictures that accompany this review, we both loved living the high life.

 Uprights, you know that we give you all our unconditional love, so when it comes time to give us some loving back, consider indulging us and yourselves with a front-row view of one of the most beautiful and dramatic ocean scenes on the Mendocino Coast. The Elk Cove Inn’s Wave Watch Suite has been designed to offer the guest a sumptuous blend of modern amenities and comfort, enveloped in the opulent esthetics of a historic Arts and Crafts building.

 No detail has been overlooked to give both fur-pawed and upright guests a magical and restful experience. A stay here is an indulgence one could get used to—I know for sure my dads and I did. Upon check-in my dads were given a bag of complimentary house-made pet cookie treats for my culinary pleasure, and from the moment I walked into the suite I realized I was in for something special: Waiting for me and most welcome after a car ride, were two metal bowls on a place mat, one full of fresh water.


Spectacular views in sun, fog, or thunderstorms

A couple of small steps lead you from the suite’s entry into the main room where the full impact of the majestic and picturesque Elk Cove Inn’s Victorian Gazebo is framed majestically against the dramatic ocean backdrop. A collection of cover sheets and towels especially for me were waiting so that the furniture can be protected from my sandy paws and I can be dried if need be after a romp on the nearby beach. Two oversized swivel armchairs in the bay window allow one to sit in comfort and contemplate the movement of the waves. But for me the best view was from the king-sized bed where, sunk in lushness with my front paws stretched out and my chin resting on them, I could look out the window as birds flew by and wonder, How do they do that and why can’t I?

 A compact and well-stocked kitchen and wet bar is perfect for keeping my food and treats fresh. Other amenities include a small refrigerator/freezer, coffee & tea maker, ice bucket, chopping board, knives, plates, silverware, stemware, wine opener, iron and ironing board, travel-case rack and microwave, to name a few.

 Some of us can be a little skittish when it comes to the room that the uprights lovingly refer to as the bathroom—you know, the room that has something to do with water, shampoo, wet fur and enclosed space that just seems to make one’s fur stand on end. But sometimes we can’t help but roll in something unpleasant, or we decide to splash in some mud while traversing the grounds or have some other outdoor adventure that calls for a bath, so let me reassure you that the Wave Watch Suite has a bathroom like no other I have experienced. It did not scare me one bit! With its open floor plan, privacy walled commode and plenty of space and ample lighting, you will never feel claustrophobic.


I would have preferred the shower

 In the first area there is a large ultra-modern two-sink vanity and free-standing jet tub with hand shower that is big enough for a Great Dane to recline in, as you can see from the accompanying picture. If a tub is not your thing, just walk around the corner into the largest walk-in shower this Cairn terrier has ever encountered, where you will all be in for the treat of your lives. A sleek chrome cylinder, which goes from floor to ceiling, has three different height settings that can be used to direct the jets of water to our particular height, as well as a hand wand attachment that will leave no grain of sand in one’s fur. No amount of wet fur shaking is going to leave this enormous space, and a bonus is that the uprights will get clean in high contemporary style too. The bathroom has several wall heaters plus hair dryers to get that perfect blow-dried look, and don’t forget the pet towels provided exclusively for our use. Soft plush robes will keep the uprights snug and cozy.

 For those times when a little privacy is needed, the large picture windows have a clever blind system that allows for screening all of the window or just the top, middle or lower portions, so one can be lying in bed gazing at the awesome view but be totally invisible from the outside.


Catching the rays on the deck

 One doesn’t have to spend all ones time inside, as you can see from this photo. The outside deck is a great space to soak up some rays, do a little reading or simply sit and contemplate the wing speed of hummingbirds as they drink a flower’s nectar or marvel at the configuration of color on a butterfly’s wings. Or maybe just lie down at your uprights’ feet and take a little nap with the sun warming your fur as nature’s music plays all around you.

 If the weather does its usual dance variations, the Wave Watch Suite is the perfect place to witness the spectacle of dramatic thunderstorms or the kaleidoscopic magic of sunset. If by chance the panoramic view becomes hidden by the sexy shroud of fog, the cozy armchairs are perfect to sit beside and indulge in a little mental contemplation while the uprights enjoy a good book or share the guilty pleasure of a favorite movie on the large flat screen television placed above the fireplace mantel. (And don’t let them forget to microwave the complimentary popcorn.)

 Start up the gas fire to keep everyone toasty while the flickering flames glow seductively throughout the room. This could be the perfect time for the uprights to break open the goodies from their complimentary gift basket, to pour a glass of wine and tuck into the homemade cookies or to sip a glass of delicious complimentary port from the in-room decanter and savor the delicious heart chocolates that await just such a moment of indulgence.

 The Wave Watch Suite is an Architectural Digest photograph-worthy accommodation, designed with us in mind and equipped to make any upright smile in delight at the clever touches and thoughtful amenities. The next time your uprights are contemplating a little bit of romantic indulgence, paw them in the direction of the Wave Watch Suite at the delightful and hospitable Elk Cove Inn.

 (P.S. For more on the inn see my previous review where I tell you all about my second favorite pastime in the world next to being the best companion I can be to my uprights: the delicious breakfasts.)

Elk Cove Inn
6300 Highway 1
Elk, California 95432
(707) 877-3321



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8 08 2013

Hi Hairy,
I am so jealous, sounds like a great place for Mom and Dad to take me to really soon. After all, a dog can never have too much pampering or relaxation.
Thanks Hairy,

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